3 Top Home Repair Projects Requiring Professional Help

Nowadays, the Internet has published so many Do-It-Yourself (DIY) guides to fixing pretty much any home repair that you could think of – and they make them sound so easy. Unfortunately, not all of us are so technically inclined and the last thing you want to happen is find yourself in the middle of a project only to find yourself overwhelmed. While there are plenty of little things that can easily be done yourself with someone with little or no technical knowledge, there are some projects that you should never attempt without at least some professional assistance.

Here are the top 3 home repair projects, in reverse order, that are best performed by a handyman or other home repair or remodeling professional.

3) Roofing Repairs

It’s very possible that someone who is reasonably handy could shingle a garage roof or do some patchwork on the roof of a single-story home. But anything beyond that really should have at least the assistance of a handyman or other home repair professional. The number one concern here is that it is actually rather easy to fall off of a roof, even a flat roof. Also, because of the great amount of work involved, the exhaustion of someone who is not typically used to this sort of work could cause a stumble that can lead to serious, if not fatal, injury.

Also, incorrectly repaired roofs – something that actually happens more than you think it should – can lead to leaky roofs and expensive water damage. It’s one of those things that if you pay for the professional help the first time, you can save thousands if not tens of thousands of dollars of future repair work later.

2) Plumbing

There is a reason that plumbers make as much money as they do. Plumbing work done incorrectly can lead to very small leaks that while may sound harmless, can over time do damage that could cost you thousands of dollars in future repair costs. While replacing a shower head or a faucet is something that should be something done easily yourself, you need to make sure that you’re not seeing any leaks. Water has a way of being one of the most destructive substances around. If you see that the plumbing under the sink or in your basement is showing any signs of leakage, you really should call a plumber to check it out. The upfront cost of bring a pro in will be far less expensive than the potential damage that a leak could inevitably cause.

1) Electricity

Besides the obvious threat of electrocution, electrical repairs really should be done by a pro. Installing light switches or ceiling fans isn’t really a problem as long as you know the circuit is shut down. It’s best to buy a volt meter to test for any remaining currents just to be sure. Of course, an electrician can do that for you. Also, in some areas, any electrical work beyond the absolute basics that you do on your house requires a permit, meaning that a pro will absolutely need to be involved. A professional electrician may also discover problems that you never may have known about. Electrical fires are sadly more common than you would think, so if there is any doubt in your mind about anything having to do with electricity, call a pro.

City Renovations is proud to say that we have the staff and expertise available to deal with all 3 of these major repair projects. We also have an industry-leading five-year warranty on workmanship, so if we do your project and there is anything wrong with the work we have done, we will come back and fix it for free within five years.

If there is any repair or remodeling project that you have any doubts about being able to do yourself, please give your local pro a call. For the three above, especially, we highly recommend that you definitely seek professional assistance. It’s for the long-term good of your home and especially you and your family’s safety.


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