A few Ways to Prevent Your Teen from Texting and Driving

Teenagers will never get away from their phones. They always hold and see their smartphones at any time. Anyway, it is not a big problem when they are texting at home while sitting on their chairs, but it will be very dangerous if they are texting while driving. You do not want your kids to get an accident while driving. Therefore, you need to prevent your teen from texting and driving. Perhaps, you can consider these following tips on how to make them realize that texting and driving are dangerous.

Talk to your teen

Perhaps, you already let your teens drive the car by themselves, but they may not know that texting while driving is forbidden. So, it is important to conduct a simple approach by talking to your teen before they drive. In this case, you can make a simple rule in which you must tell them no texting and calling while driving. If they argue, then you can make it tighter by putting their phones in the trunk or bag. Never let them drive while their phones are still on their hands.

Tell them the regulation

In many countries, texting and driving are prohibited. But, some of the teenagers do not know this regulation. So, you have to tell them that the regulation prohibits the use of phones while driving. Make them understand why it is very dangerous. You can show some evidence of any accidents related to the use of phones while driving. Suppose you find them break the rules, then you can make the rule tighter. For instance, you must not let them drive in a few days. Or they can only drive on Sunday or Monday.

Become a role model

Teens may disobey some rules that you have created, but you can still have a chance to give them understanding about texting and driving rules. In this case, it is very important to become a role model. When you are driving a car along with your teens, you have to try to avoid your phones, even when you get a call from your boss. It will make your teens realize that calling and texting while driving is very dangerous.

Test your teens

After giving your teens some knowledge or understanding of the danger of using phones while driving, then you can try to test them. Simply, you can let them drive the car. After a few minutes when your teens almost get the highways, you can call them. If they do not answer your call, then they probably understand it. But, it is not the best reference because your teens may not answer your call on purpose.

Finally, those are a few ways to prevent your teen from texting while driving because it is very dangerous. Somehow, they will realize it as they grow up, but you still need to warn them whenever they want to drive their car. In addition, you also need to watch them carefully and never let them use their phones while driving.


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