Dangers of Lawn Chemicals

Many people prefer to use chemicals to kill some weeds and bugs in their backyard. Of course, killing the lawn-destroying weeds or getting rid of bugs on some plants with chemicals are very effective because these chemicals are poisonous. But, you need to make sure that these chemicals do not kill you. Herbicides and pesticides are two kinds of chemicals that many homeowners use to control insects and unsightly weeds. Somehow, you also need to realize why the lawn chemicals can be dangerous. What are the dangers of lawn chemicals?

Dangers of Lawn Chemicals

Before you use lawn chemicals or pesticide to kill bugs, it is important to know how it can endanger our environment. You can consider these following consequences of using lawn chemicals or pesticide.

  • Chemicals are dangerous for human

Do you think that lawn chemicals can only kill plants or grass? In fact, lawn chemicals are also dangerous for the humans. You probably use chemicals to kill bugs on your lawn or may be to kill rodents at the Event Space. So, you mixed a peanut with pesticide and then place it on your backyard. After that, a bug comes and eat the peanut, then it dies. What if your kids eat the peanuts accidentally? Certainly, it can also kill your kids. Or when you forget to wash your hands after using lawn chemicals, it will also make you sick. That’s why you have to think twice before using the chemicals.

  • Chemicals are dangerous for plants

When you use pesticide to get rid of bugs, it may also endanger the surrounding plants. For your information, a pesticide can block the nitrogen binding that is needed by plants. As a result, if you plant some fruits, the crop will decrease. If you also have some flowers in the backyard while you use pesticide to kill bugs, it may also influence the productivity of the plant. In addition, lawn chemicals can also kill bees that will give a bad impact on the pollination process.

  • Chemicals are dangerous for your pets

Do you have a pet at home like dogs or cats? Well, you may not watch your pets for 24 hours and they may play in your backyard. Somehow, if you use pesticide or lawn chemicals to kills weeds and bugs, then it may endanger your pet. Why? You have no idea if your pet suddenly plays in the backyard and lick on the grass. As a result, it will make the pets feel weak and they may die, just in case you do not take an immediate action.

 The Best Solution

What is the best solution to avoid this danger? The answer is that you can actually use biopesticide to get rid of bugs on your lawn. You can use Marigold flower. It is not only good for medical treatment, but it is also good for natural insecticide. Simply, you can blend some marigold flower and then mix it with some water. You can simply use this Marigold solution to kill some bugs. In addition to marigold, there are many other plants that you can use to kill bugs. You can get biopesticide from lemongrass, cloves, and cinnamon.

Alternately, you can seek the help of a lawncare services professional. They will be in a better position to know about different organic products available get rid of weeds and buds in your lawn.


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