How to Find Roof Leaks Without Losing Your Mind

We all love a good mystery. But, when it comes to wondering where a roof leak is coming from in our home, it’s not entertaining at all. Sure, there are plenty of ways to find a roof leak. Some are more involved than others. Fortunately, before you take a magnifying glass to your attic or a garden hose to your roof deck, there is a more efficient solution.


The good news is we have the technology to find roof leaks with infrared cameras. By hiring thermal imaging experts to come into your home, you get to see where air or water leaks actually occur in your home. Better yet, while they’re there, they can look at the walls, too. They can find out if there are additional areas that need better insulation or weatherproofing.


The other great news is that these types of inspections will find leaks you may otherwise never found on your own. For example, how do you find a roof leak without attic access, or without even having an attic? Even if you do have an attic, how can you readily be able to figure out where the leak is through insulation?


Infrared cameras allow experts to see past all of that. Using their knowledge, the camera operators can trace the actual leak back through whatever damage it’s already caused to the source. What did they do before IR cameras? You had to wait for water to start dripping on you.


Water is usually a wonderful thing, but you want it to keep it where you can see it. You don’t want it getting stuck up in the ceiling or the walls of your house. But, even the smallest water leak in your roof can cause a lot of damage every time the sky decides to rain.


It could be just a cracked shingle, a slight tear in the waterproof flashing under the shingles, or a leaky roof vent. It’s possible that the necessary roof repair is minor. But, if even a tiny leak goes unchecked, you can end up having a serious problem. If you’re seeing water stains on the ceiling, you probably need to start expecting some serious repairs coming your way in the near future.


Fortunately, with the wonderful thermal imaging technology we have today, you can nail the roof leak problem right away. No more hidden damage to the wood that holds together your home. Hopefully, with a fairly common roof repair, you can have peace of mind about the state of your home for years to come.


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