How to make your home more energy efficient

There is no doubt that global warming has become a serious problem for every human being. If you want to take part in global warming prevention, you have to make that your house more energy efficient. If your house is more energy efficient, you will not only save money from energy bills, but at the same time, you help to preserve the environment for our future generation. Energy conservation and energy efficiency will reduce your electricity bills and leave more money in your pocket.

So, how to make your home more energy efficient?  There are several ways to make your home more energy efficient such as

  • Power sucking check.  Take a walk around the house, and you will find many electronic and small appliances that sucking your energy 24 hours a day. In this case, you have to plug out your cafe maker, microwave and other appliance in they are not in use.
  • Walk and Chalk. As a homeowner should inspect every corner of your home to find any small holes that cooled and heated air escape. You should close and cover them up with calk.  Additionally, you have to place a new weather-striping around doors and windows.
  • To save more energy, you can use a programmable thermostat. A programmable thermostat is the easiest way to reduce your electricity bills.  In fact, many people are cooling and heating up their home for nine to ten hours per day, when no one stays in the house. In this case, you can set your thermostat to heat or cool your home when you and your family are at home.  There will be no change in your comfort, but you will be surprised with your next energy bills. Your electricity bill will decrease significantly.
  • Use a tankless water heater. Heating the water and store it in the water tank is an energy consuming. In this case, using a tankless water heater is advisable. The tankless water heater can save your energy up to 34 present. In this case, you can save some significant amount of money on your energy bills.
  • Use a ceiling fan. During the summertime using ceiling fun is advisable. The ceiling fan makes your room cooler without having to turn on your air conditioner to lower temperature.
  • Use appliance with energy star certification. Energy star certificate is only given to the appliance that has more energy efficiency. This certification ensures that you receive new appliances that can save energy consumption. Energy Star appliances can save a lot of money on energy bills.
  • Change your traditional bulb with Fluorescence light bulb. It is true that it is more expansive than Fluorescence light bulb. However, Fluorescence light bulb tends to last longer than the traditional one. Moreover, Fluorescence light bulb consumes less energy than the conventional bulb.
  • Also, check the business websites of electric devices and electrical appliances manufactures, to find out about which ones are more energy efficient.

Saving energy consumption is very important for every household. If you can save more energy, you will not only be able to protect the environment, but also, saves a lot of money.


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